Get ready to unleash your wild side at Barack’Afe, the ultimate underground haven for Skinheads and Punks alike. On this night, the pulsating beats of Ska, Oi!, Punk, and 80’s-90’s Alternative music, will electrify the air, igniting a riotous energy that can only be found within these walls and their welcoming terrace. Step into a world where bleachers, boots, braces, mohawks, and tattoos reign supreme.

Barcak’Afe is more than just a bar; it’s a sanctuary for rebels, misfits and music lovers, seeking refuge from the mainstream. Feel the bass thump through your veins as you join a sea of moshing bodies, united by their shared love for raw, unfiltered sounds. And when the chaos calls for a breather, indulge in expertly crafted cocktails that fuel the night’s rebellious spirit.

Are you ready to break free from society’s chains? Join us at Barack’Afe, where the night belongs to the fearless, and the music sets your soul ablaze.

October 10 @ 22:30
22:30 — 01:00